Latch & Key
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Our Team

Our roster of writers, directors, cinematographers, and visual artists have an uncommon ability to elevate your video content. We develop dynamic narratives to engage your audience on an emotional level.


Christian Haberkern - Director, Director of Photography, Creative Director

Christian Haberkern

Co-FouNDer, Creative Director

Stephen Stumberg - Executive Producer

Stephen Stumberg

Co-Founder, Executive Producer


Latch & Key is a production company founded by filmmakers Christian Haberkern & Stephen Stumberg, cinematic storytelling is at the heart of what we do. Both Stephen and Christian met in middle school and split paths after college. Stephen went to Los Angeles and Christian went to New York City, both pursuing a career as filmmakers. They worked on films that include Robocop, Thor, Captain America, Baby Driver and more. They were finally brought back together in Atlanta and formed Latch & Key out of a desire for collaboration to work with brands and agencies to tell great stories through great filmmaking.